Monday, June 30, 2008


My how time flies! I can't believe it has been almost 3 months since I last posted. Well I am back and hopefully this time I will stay on track. Alot of you have contacted me by email and some in person asking me where are the blogs....Sorry to all of you.

I have been thinking and praying over the last couple of days for God to light the fire in me to get back started here. He laid this devotion on my heart and I thought I would share it with you all. Seems to be a great way to start back......since I have been gone from here for so long!

Hope you enjoy!


“And now, children, stay with Christ. Live deeply in Christ. Then we’ll be ready for Him when He appears, ready to receive Him with open arms, with no cause for red-face guilt or lame EXCUSES when He arrives.” 1 John 2:28-29 MSG

When I started my blog, which seems like so long ago, I told myself I was going to do it everyday. Deep down I new it would be a challenge, but it was one I was willing to embrace with open arms. I think I was hoping to at least get to it 3 or 4 days a week. Well like so many other things in life, daily chores and living take the place of those things that are truly important.

I know that I struggle so much to keep on track, and often finding myself making excuses to cover what I call “my own lazy nature.” You know what I am talking about. That voice that says, “one more day won’t hurt anything.” When in reality you know that the chances of that tomorrow never really come. We all live on such a fast paced life and try to fit so much into our cramped schedules. And the thing that hit me this morning like a ton of bricks is how many of those things will matter in God’s eyes.

That is when I started reading and came across the verse that I shared earlier. Excuses are just that….a way out. A way to make our laziness ok. When truthfully all those things that we are putting in front of the things that really matter are just taking up space.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things that we must get done in the day to make life work, but how many times do you make excuses and bypass your quiet time with God. I find myself hitting snooze to many times or laying on the couch watching the tube when I could be spending priceless time in the word or talking one on one with my Savior. And what is it that I repeatedly do…make excuses.

It is like it becomes a routine of laziness. The devil works on me in this way. I get lazy and he climbs on board the train. But God tells us there is another way. Stay with Him and live DEEPLY IN CHRIST!

Don’t be a couch potato…vow with me to put forth the time and let our excellent work speak loudly and convincingly for itself.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Walking the Trails of Life!

Most of you know that I love the outdoors. I don’t have to be hunting, fishing, or riding my four wheeler, to enjoy it. Just being out there, in the heart of God’s amazing creation is enough for me.

As I look back over the years, I remember many times that I have been walking down a trail in the woods when I came to a crossroad. It amazes me to look at the paths animals take and as I come to those cross trails try to figure out which one I need to take. It is that decision that can make my hunt successful, my hike less strenuous, or my scouting trip worth the time I put into it. If I chose the wrong trail, it may lead me to a bedding area where the game I am pursuing feels safe and once I have interrupted that area I might as well go home. Or it could lead me through a thicket of briars and as we all know, those are no fun.

It would be best for me to stand at those cross roads and examine the paths, take a moment to think things through. Which ones look the “best,” or the straightest?

Doesn’t God call us to carefully pick the trails of life that we travel? Look at Jeremiah 6:16 “This is what the Lord says: Stand by the roadways and look. Ask about the ancient paths: Which is the way to what is good? Then take it and find rest for yourselves.” Then again in Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who go through it. How narrow is the gate and difficult the road that leads to life, and few find it.”

Are you are someone you know at a difficult intersection of life? I urge us all to take the time to study the paths and try to pick the trail most pleasing to Him!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sowing Seeds of Faith!

When I was a young boy I spent many days with my grandparents, especially during the spring and summer. They lived on a small farm in Northeast Mississippi. They had chickens and pigs and my grandfather tended to cows on the farm next to them. A lot of our food came from what they raised on our farm.

One of the things I remember most was the loving care my grandmother put into her garden. She was preparing the field for planting as soon as my grandfather broke the ground in the early spring. She would make sure her rows were straight and all the sticks and debris were out of the loose dirt.

The greatest memory is when it came time to plant. The care she took with the seeds, the love that she put into each and everyone was evident. She took an amazing amount of time on each and every hole, pulling the dirt in the perfect way and placing the seeds at the perfect depth. She knew that by putting that much love into every little seed she sowed, she would reap the most at harvest time.

Doesn’t God call each of us to take that much love and care in each and every seed of faith we sow. If we just throw seeds of faith out into the field, will the winds of the devil not blow them away? Will the floods of sin not wash them away? Consider what Jesus tells the crowds in Mark 4:3-9 “Listen! Consider the sower who went out to sow. As he sowed, this occurred: Some seed fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Other seed fell on rocky ground where it didn’t have much soil, and it sprang up right away, since it didn’t have deep soil. When the sun came up, it was scorched, and since it didn’t have a root, it withered. Other seed fell among the thorns, and the thorns came up and choked it, and it didn’t produce a crop. Still others fell on good ground and produced a crop that increased 30, 60, and 100 times what was sown.” Then he said, “Anyone who has ears should listen!”

God calls us to sow seeds of faith, but to sow them cautiously so that His harvest will be great. I challenge us all today to go and prepare the fields of faith, sow seeds with love and compassion, and wait on the harvest!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Guide

One of my dreams is to go on a guided hunt. I have several species of animals that I wouldn’t mind pursuing, but whitetails have always been my true passion.

When I think about whitetails, more specifically monster whitetails, states like Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Texas all come to mind. I would even like a trip to Canada to hunt some of the cold weather giants to the north. However, no matter where I choose to go, there is one factor that plays a key role in my success. I would need a guide.

Not just any guide would do, but “THE GUIDE.” You know the one: the guy that knows all the best spots; the one that has really done his homework and spent countless hours in the field scouting for me; the one that will have me in a prime location in order to put me on that buck of a lifetime.

Lucky me though, I already have the guide of a lifetime. When I accepted Christ, He became my guide for all my journeys. In Isaiah 58:11, we see that “The Lord will guide you always.” Now is that not a comforting thought! Unlike the guide on a perfect hunt (the one I’d have to research and seek out), my guide is searching for me. Best of all, He won’t hurt my wallet! All we have to do is accept Christ to have the perfect lifelong guide!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A HUNTER'S PERSPECTIVE ON “The 5 M’s of Correctly Hearing God”

1. Look for the MESSAGE of the Spirit. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Don't just casually ask God for guidance. Consciously turn your attention inward to see if what you are sensing carries the weight of God or if it is the unsure, unsteady voice of your own conscience.

You would think that those of us that are hunters would be good listeners. We sit in the woods for hours on end; cautiously listening for the sound of the game we pursue approaching us. How many times have you sat in a tree stand or ground blind and heard that twig break or the leaves rustle? You know the feeling! Your heart starts racing, your palms get sweaty, and your knees get shaky, at least I know mine do! Your mind starts running in circles as you search the woods for where the sound came from. It gets closer and closer and then suddenly a squirrel appears just beyond the old oak tree that you have been watching.
So often this is how I feel when listening for God to speak to me. Suddenly a door opens in our life that gets us excited. Whether it be a new career path, an easy financial gain, or anything else we just know that God has opened that door. But not every door opened to us is from God. That is why it is crucial that we learn to turn our attention to God.

2. Live in the MODE of prayer. Submit what you hear back to God in prayer. Throughout your day when the issue comes into your mind don't spend time worrying; spend time handing the issue to God.

How much closer would we be to living a Christ like example if we just laid everything at His feet? A LOT!
Just think of it this way. Those of us that turkey hunt know that as we sit there on those early morning hunts just waiting on that gobble it is all about giving it back to him. When you hear the ole weary tom start his morning routine it is all about calling back to him. We call to him with those sweet yelps and purrs just hoping he hears us and comes.
Well hear is the best thing. We don’t have to wait on God to call; we don’t have to wonder if He will answer, and we don’t have to worry will He come. If we call to Him he will hear us and answer. Guaranteed! And we can call to Him anytime we want. He is always near!

3. Search out the MODEL of Scripture. Carefully consider the Scriptures. Does what you think you're hearing in any way contradict the character of God or the Word of God?

Now this is a hard one but a crucial one. As those doors come open to us we must search for answers. The neat thing is God left us an instruction manual. The Bible is the most advanced instruction manual you will ever come in contact with. Also the only one you will ever need when dealing with life!
So as you sit on that tree stand and hear those sounds, are you sure it sounds like that big buck you have been hunting? As you sit in that ground blind cautiously waiting on that ole tom….is that him you hear in a distance dragging his wing tips? Could be, but if you study the behavior of the game you hunt, you will more likely be able to tell what the sound is long before that squirrel pops out and laughs at you so to speak.

4. Submit to the MINISTRY OF ELI. Seek the counsel of a wise, more mature believer who can discern God's leading in his or her own life.

Don’t we learn a lot of our hunting strategies from more experienced hunters? Don’t we turn to them to teach us things we don’t know? I know that I look forward to meeting those that have been hunting longer than I have because I know that most of the time they can help me hone my skills.
Why would we expect anything different from God? He has placed those people in our lives to do just that. To teach us and help us become more like Christ! Seek out someone that you can turn to with those touchy subjects and let them be a wise counsel to you.
Does the ole tom or the ole buck not teach you new things every single time you come in contact with their great presence? Sure they do. Every time I enter the woods I learn something new. Especially on the days I let an ole tom get the best of me. Those are the days that I truly get “schooled!”

5. Expect the MERCY of confirmation.

Ask the Lord for confirmation. If ever you are in doubt just turn to Him and ask Him to confirm the situation. There is nothing like enjoying the confirmation of the Lord, much like there is no greater feeling than the confirmation of a great and successful hunt!

God desires you to know His will. He's not hiding it from you. "When I ask the Lord to confirm what He is saying to me through the Holy Spirit so I can be sure He is indeed speaking, he allows the Holy Spirit to speak to me and verify His message through His written Word, circumstances, or even another person." (Italicized portions taken from Priscilla Shirer’s DISCERNING THE VOICE OF GOD Bible Study)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Whittling Away at Patience!

If you ask my wife, she would probably tell you that patience is not one of my greater virtues! Truth is that she would be right. For as long as I can remember, the only time I was ever patient was sitting in a deer stand or turkey blind. Even then, times were trying!

This brings me to one of my newer hobbies. Several years ago, I had been turkey hunting one morning when I found myself seated next to a green field. It was about midday and had been a long and quiet morning. To be quite honest, it was somewhat boring! Well, I found myself searching for something to keep me busy, for I knew “you can’t kill a bird on the couch!” That’s when it all started. I began whittling, and before I realized it, I had whittled my first complete project. It was a small cross that sits atop the letter “K” in a totem pole fashion. You see, my wife was at home almost 9 months pregnant with our first child…a little girl whose name would be Kyleigh! The carving still hangs in her room today.

This started something in me. Soon I found myself chipping away at sticks every time I was in the woods. This past deer season really brought on some new projects. I soon developed a love for whittling cedar. It is a beautiful wood and carves quite easily. I would sit there, concealed in my stand, slowly and cautiously whittling away at the wood. I have always loved crosses and I guess that is why they are the objects that I most often work on. Something about a cross out of the cedar…they are beautiful to say the least!

Now for those of you that have never tried whittling, let me explain. It is an art form that takes lots of practice, a somewhat steady hand, a broad imagination, and most of all patience. You see, if you get in a hurry with your knife, a project that you have been working so hard on may be gone in a matter of seconds. Impatience alone can cause drastic mistakes. The whole time I was doing this, however, there was something that never quite hit me! God had finally found a way to teach me patience, and I didn’t even see it coming. It is truly amazing how things like that happen all in His time and on His terms. As I look back now, I am really happy that God chose this method to teach me.

I often think about Job when I think about patience. Have you ever heard the statement, “He has the patience of Job”? Well, let’s review why. Job was a man of integrity. He feared God and turned away from evil. He was a very rich man with a large family and many possessions. God allowed Satan to test Job not once but twice. The first time God told Satan he could do anything to Job except harm him. So Satan basically destroyed all Job’s possessions including his children. When Satan sought to attack Job a second time, God told him he could do anything but take Job’s life.

After the first test, Job made a profound statement, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will leave this life. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Praise the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21) Then he goes on to say, “Should we accept only good from God and not adversity?” (Job 2:10) Job truly was a man of integrity. If you continue to read through Job, you will see that, although he goes through the ringer, Job patiently waits as he seeks answers from the Lord.

As I said before, I am glad God chose blessing me with a hobby that I enjoy as a means of teaching me patience, instead of allowing the wrath of Satan. So just remember…… sometimes we don’t even realize that God is trying to teach us something. Keep your eyes open, your mind focused and PATIENTLY await the Lord. He might just be whittling you into His likeness.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Voice of God at Sunrise!

Read Mark 16:1-8

As a passionate outdoorsman, I find myself glued to the television for most of the summer months, watching countless hours of hunting videos. It usually doesn’t matter what type of hunting it is…I can get into any of it!

A couple of weeks ago I was lying on the couch watching the opening ads on one of the videos when an opening line caught my attention. Now for those of you that watch these programs as much as I do, you will know where this came from!

The opening for all “Primos Truth” videos has Will making an introductory statement and right in the middle of it comes: “It’s the voice of God at sunrise!” Wow!!…. was the sudden thought running through my head.

Have you ever sat there and really dwelt on those words? I know that as I sit here and think back over the numerous sunrises I have encountered that this statement holds such truth. There we are sitting in the darkness, awaiting the first glimpse of light, when the woods seem to come alive. There are birds just awakening to provide the choir for the morning’s hunt. The squirrels are starting their day, peeking from their nest or den tree; and during the spring, the mighty gobbler is boasting his thunderous gobble to let everyone know where he is! Do you see the picture?

Is it a merely an accident that the sunrise is such a special time of the day? Is it just a fluke that the wonderful painting of nature comes to life at that certain time of day or is there another reason?

I think that God knew all along that the sunrise would some day hold an extra special meaning! You see, there was a moment in time that occurred at sunrise that forever changed human history. It was a moment like no other before it and none other since, but perhaps, the most important claim to Christianity. The Resurrection!

When you read Mark 16 you will find that on the third day Jesus arose from the dead at sunrise! This meant that Jesus was who He said He was…God…the very God that had come to earth and taken human form, lived a sinless life and then died to pay our sin debt. But, He did not remain in the grave. He rose AT SUNRISE to conquer death! It was at this moment that Jesus had defeated sin and death. This miraculous resurrection is the one event that assures the believer of certain victory.

So you see, how can SUNRISE not be the “Voice of God” that we as outdoorsmen and women get to witness every time we go into the woods to start our day! The next time you find yourself seated in the sanctuary of nature, think back to Mark 16 and give thanks to Him for making the sunrise such a magical time! After all, He did have an AWESOME reason for it!